Food Growing



Our 16'x32' solar greenhouse, built in 2014 by Cord Parmenter 

Smart Greenhouses LLC.

Used for year round food production and starting seedlings for outdoor gardens.



We maintain extensive gardens here at L&M Ranch, focusing mainly on food production for us and our extended family. Liorah is an enthusiastic horticulturalist with a natural "green thumb". We grow a lot of heirloom and open pollinated varieties, using regenerative and organic practices to build healthy soil, therefore producing vibrant healthy vegetables with high nutritional value. 


Seed Saving

About 3 years ago Liorah became interested in seed saving, after learning about the amazing adaptations that occur when seeds are grown saved and replanted in the same place year after year.

Our seed saving includes many varieties of tomatoes, corn, pinto beans, cucumbers, carrots, lettuces, herbs and flowers. We have been growing a local heirloom pinto bean for many years, this bean has been grown in our county for over 100 years, a true local treasure. We grow enough to enjoy throughout the year and replant the next.

We have also been working to adapt a variety of sweet corn for our short season, it is called Candy Mountain. Some of the seeds grown here can be found at Penn's Mountain Seeds in Westcliffe. Particularly Candy Mountain Corn, tomatoes and Northern pickling cucumbers.